11/29 Oh No Media Newsletter

This week, we're covering the 'Jeff Davis 8,' the Green River Killer, an update on the murder of professional cyclist, Moriah Wilson, and more.

New Episodes

MWMH: Episode 192. The 'Jeff Davis 8'
On this episode, Payton and Garrett uncover the mystery of the Jeff Davis 8, eight women all found dead under similar circumstances. Was this a serial killer, or does a nefarious scheme underlie their tragic fates?
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BINGED: Episode 47. The Green River Killer
On this episode, Payton dives deep into the notorious Green River Killer, the man who took over 40 lives!
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New Rise N’ Crime
This week, Momma Julz gives us an update on the murder of professional cyclist, Moriah Wilson, covers a case out of TX where a woman blinds her ‘sugar daddy’ with detergent because he refused to give her $2,000, and reports on a Florida man who assaulted his wife with Oreos.
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Happy Birthday Payton!

This weekend, our lovely co-hosts celebrated Payton’s 27th birthday with a trip to Cabo!!

When reflecting on her birthday, Payton shared: “I’m not going to lie… this year has been the hardest year of my life; there were times my future looked dark and unsure. So when I say I’m grateful to see 27, I truly mean it. And although things were hard, this year brought me closer than ever to Garrett and my family. I’m so so so blessed. Within the muck was some pretty awesome milestones. Two new shows at @theohnomedia, lots of time finding new hobbies, a puppy!, a new hair color, an in person live show… and so much more. So with that I say, hello 27!! I’m so excited to meet you 🖤“

And Happy Birthday Daisy!

Happy first birthday to sweet baby Daisy! She was spoiled all day with treats, pets, and lots and lots of love.

Must Watch Murder

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom is a new, four-part docuseries on Netflix that explores the brutal 1985 double homicide of Nancy and Derek Haysom. Did their daughter, Elizabeth Haysom, kill them? Or was it her boyfriend, Jens Soering?
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