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This week, we're covering how ancestry websites solved a cold case, the disappearance of Andre Daigle, a man convicted of a 6-year-old’s drowning death, and more.

New Episodes

MWMH: Episode 203. How Ancestry Websites Solved a Cold Case
In this episode, Payton and Garrett dive into the case of two women who were murdered 100 miles apart. When police can’t identify the women, they turn to an emergent technology to help solve this cold case.
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Into The Dark: Episode 7. The Murder Solved From The Other Side - Andre Daigle
In this episode, Payton delves into the disappearance of Andre Daigle, who vanished under mysterious circumstances from a local bar. When his sister turns to a psychic for assistance, they are taken aback by the chilling lead provided.
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New Rise N’ Crime
Earlier this week, Momma Julz covered:
- A case out of Georgia where a doctor is being sued for allegedly causing the death of a newborn baby boy
- A man who was charged with drowning a 6-year-old disabled child who he was babysitting
- A case from Tennessee where a mother and daughter are charged with attempted first-degree murder for trying to kill their husband/father
Tune in on Thursday for another new episode!
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Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, Payton and Garrett discuss the haunting case of Charles Walton, a friendly old man that was killed in a disturbing manner. Was he murdered for money? Was he the victim of a cult? Or something much more mysterious.
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Must Watch Murder

Based on true events, this crime drama follows the events leading up to the infamous shootout between rival gangs led by Al Capone and George "Bugs" Moran. To claim his status as the most powerful mobster in Chicago during the Prohibition era, Capone orders his men to disguise themselves as police officers and murder important members of Moran's organization, resulting in one of the bloodiest battles in mob history.
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