2/21 Oh No Media Newsletter

This week, we're covering how The Sopranos became a blueprint for murder, the Octopus Theory, a woman sentenced to 99 years for a catfish murder, and more.

New Episodes

MWMH: Episode 204. How The Sopranos Became A Blueprint For Murder
In this episode, Payton and Garrett explore the case involving Jane Bautista, a woman whose dismembered body was discovered along the highway.
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Into The Dark: Episode 58. The Octopus Theory - Danny Casolaro
In this episode, Payton delves into the mysterious case of Danny Casolaro, a journalist who was probing a conspiracy theory and was found deceased in his hotel room. Did he get too close to the truth, or was there another factor at play in his demise?
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New Rise N’ Crime
Earlier this week, Momma Julz covered:
- A case out of Alaska where a woman was sentenced to 99 years for a catfish murder
- The Olympic bomber, Eric Rudolph, and his many appeal attempts
- A NY man who attempted to smuggle a python in his pants over the border
Tune in on Thursday for another new episode!
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Garrett has been using a new “face wash,” but you’ll never guess what it actually is 😂