2/7 Oh No Media Newsletter

This week, we're covering the kidnapping of the Lyon sisters, the perplexing story of Hervey Medellin, a beauty queen who allegedly killed a toddler, and more.

New Episodes

MWMH: Episode 202. Who Kidnapped The Lyon Sisters?
In this episode, Payton dives into the case of two sisters who disappeared after a day at the mall. The case seemed to go cold until the unthinkable happened.
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Into The Dark: Episode 56. The Hollywood Horror: Feat. Annie Elise x 10 to LIFE
Join Payton and Annie Elise from SERIALously and 10 to LIFE as they explore the perplexing story of Hervey Medellin, whose remains were uncovered along a well-frequented hiking route in L.A.
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New Rise N’ Crime
Earlier this week, Mama Julz covered:
- A case out of Georgia where a beauty queen allegedly killed a toddler
- A FedEx driver who dumped all of his packages in a ravine and left
- An update on the three men found dead and frozen outside of a KC home
- Excessive crime happening in the Caribbean
Tune in on Thursday for another new episode!
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Bonus Episode

On this bonus episode, Payton dives into the case of Bonnie Bakley, a con-artist who conned the wrong person.
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Let’s Talk About Serial

This Thursday on our Twitch live stream, Payton and Garrett will be discussing the iconic podcast, Serial. Payton has listened to it many times, while Garrett has not listened to it all. Tune in to our live stream on Thursday at 5:30PT to see what we think about Adnan Syed’s controversial true crime case.

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Garret = MacGyver


I can’t believe a paper brochure helped us open the door! #MWMH #MurderWithMyHusband #PaytonMoreland #TrueCrime

In case you missed last week’s episode, here is the clip of Garrett breaking into the podcast office using just a paper brochure!