9/27 Oh No Media Newsletter

This week, we're covering the tragic kidnapping of Sidney Reso, the Florida canal killings, a serial killer who was murdered in a TX prison, and more.

New Episodes

MWMH: Episode 183. The Ransom Gone Wrong
In this episode, Payton discusses the tragic kidnapping of Sidney Reso and how his kidnappers led police on a chase to find Sidney before it's too late.
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BINGED: Episode 38. The Florida Canal Killings
On this episode, Payton discusses the multiple murders where bodies were dumped in Florida's canals. Was this the work of one serial killer? Or multiple killers?
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New Rise N’ Crime
This week, Mama Julz discusses how a serial killer was murdered in a TX prison, a PA teen who was suspected of killing their girlfriend and her mother, and a former NFL player who is missing after his mom was found murdered.
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Bonus Episode

On this BONUS episode, Payton discusses the Powell family tragedy and how a deranged family potentially helped cover up a murder.
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Live Show

Our upcoming live show is completely SOLD OUT!

Thank you so much to everyone who got a ticket. If you weren’t able to get one, there will be a recording available for Patreon and Apple Podcast subscribers after the event!

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