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New Episodes

MWMH: Episode 152. The Heartless Serial KillerOn this episode of MWMH, Payton and Garrett discuss the known and potential victims of possible serial killer, Charlie Brandt.💻 Watch >🎧 Listen >

BINGED: Episode 7. Solved or Unsolved - Adam Walsh, Pt. 2On this mini-series of Binged, Payton discusses True Crime cases that you have probably heard of, but through a new lens… starting with Adam Walsh. 💻 Watch >🎧 Listen >

True Crime Update

Adnan Syed, the subject of the true crime podcast Serial, is speaking out publicly for the first time following his release from prison and dismissal of his murder conviction.Read more >

The Life of Payton & Garrett

If you've tuned into our latest Murder With My Husband videos, then you've probably seen that WE GOT A PUPPY!!!Her name is Daisy May Moreland. She loves to sleep upside down, play with dad, and give so many kisses. But her number one job is being the MWMH mascot which she’s doing pretty good at so far. (btw… she’s team “love it”) 🖤

Patron of the Month

"My name is Darion. I am a huge true crime junkie. I've been listening to Murder With My Husband since the beginning. I love the dynamic between them as it is very similar to my boyfriend and I, as I love it and he hates it 🤣! I have 2 cats currently and am hoping for a dog in the future. I work on a computer all day so podcasts are great, but I prefer to watch because of Garrett's facial expressions!"Want a chance to be featured as Patron of the Month? Join our Patreon!

Food for Thought

Garrett can NEVER pass up Girl Scout Cookies! When it's that time of year, we'll take one of everything, please 🍪🍪🍪 Don't forget to support your local Girl Scouts, too!

MWMH Merch

We want you to always remember to watch out for strangers... that's why we're re-releasing our fan favorite Murder With My Husband Strangey Dangey Collection!Choose to rock a cute 100% Cotton t-shirt, a comfy sweatshirt, or both. Order now for yourself or for the true crime lover in your life!Shop Now >

Listener Art Appreciation

Thank you so much to Netty (@theblingandthings) for featuring us on your gorgeous rhinestone tumbler! We feel so honored, and we appreciate your kind words.Watch how Netty made this amazing tumbler >